System Requirements


// How can I activate caps lock?

It depends on which mode is set through the DIP switch on the back of the keyboard.
HHK mode: Caps Lock is not available.
Lite Ext. or Mac mode: Press Fn + Tab to activate or deactivate Caps Lock.

// I want to have the Fn keys on both sides. Can I change the key layout?

The ◇ or Alt key on the left side can be used as an Fn key by changing the DIP switch settings on the back of the keyboard.

// Is my HHKB compatible with Sun Microsystems’ servers or workstations?

No. They are not supported as HHKB is not detected by OBP (Open Boot Prom).

// Can I connect my HHKB to more than one computer interchangeably through a KVM switch?

No. KVM switches are not supported. Connect the keyboard directly to a computer.

// Can the Delete key function as a BackSpace key?

Yes. The Delete key can be used as a Backspace key by configuring the DIP switch settings. The key however always functions as a Delete key in the Mac mode.

// Can I use a USB to PS/2 converter?

No. Conversion from USB to PS/2 is not supported.

// I cannot use the Eject key or the multimedia keys (Volume Up/Volume Down/Mute) on the keyboard.

Those keys are not available with Windows. (The multimedia keys are available with Mac).

// I cannot use the Eject key on my HHKB. How can I use them?

The Eject key is not available.

// Can I power on or off a computer through my HHKB?

To power off a computer, use the Power key (Fn + Esc) on the keyboard.
HHKB cannot power on a computer. Use the power button on the computer to turn it on.

// Does the driver for Mac support my Mac?

The driver supports Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later.

HHKB Pro2 Connectivity & Settings

Current output of the Integrated USB HUB

The 2x USB downstream ports (USB HUB) on the back side supply a current of 100 mA on each port.
Before connecting a USB device to the ports, check that the consumption current of your USB device does not exceed 100 mA or the USB device may not be detected and may not function correctly.

HHKB Pro2 Dip-Switch Settings

By using the Dip-Switches on the back of the keyboard, you can change the Keyboard Mode and functions of some of the keys on the Keyboard. The HHKB mode is set as the factory default.

Important! Please disconnect the HHKB from the host PC before changing the Dip Switch settings or changes may not be recognised and you may damage the product.

To change Dip Switch settings, we recommend using a small screwdriver that is approximately 1.2mm in diameter.

Keyboard Mode Selection

ON OFF Lite Ext. Mode
OFF ON Mac Mode

Key Assignment & Enabling Wake-Up Host PC Feature

DIP SWITCH 3 Delete Key Delete Backspace
DIP SWITCH 4 Meta Key 2 Meta Fn
DIP SWITCH5 Alt Key Alt Meta
Meta Key Meta Alt
DIP SWITCH 6 Wake-Up Host PC by Keyboard 3 Disabled Enabled

2 The Left Meta key functions as:

  • Windows key under Microsoft Windows
  • Command Key under macOS

3 When Wake-Up Host PC feature is enabled:

  • The keyboard consumes power even if the computer is in a suspended state.
  • You may need to change the Profile or settings in the Power Management settings of the host PC’s Operating System.
  • This feature may not work on all systems.
  • The Keyboard may not be recognised by the host PC when resuming from a suspended state on some systems. If this happens, disconnect the USB cable from the keyboard’s Mini-USB port and reconnect it.

How to Use the Function Keys

To use the codes that are shown on the front facing side of the keys such as F1 to F12, PgUp (Page Up), Caps, and arrows (cursor), hold down the [Fn] key and press the relevant key.

Key Name Function HHKB Mode Lite Ext. Mode Mac Mode
F1-F12 F1-F12
Ins Insert
Del Delete
PSc/SRq Print Screen/Sys Req
ScrLk Scroll Lock
Pus/Brk Pause/Break
ScrLk Scroll Lock
Pus/Brk Pause/Break
PgUp Page Up
PgDn Page Down
Caps Caps Lock
Clear Clear
Enter Enter
+ +
* *
/ /
Vol_Dn Volume Down 1
Vol_Up Volume Up 1
Mute Mute 1
Eject Eject 1
Power Power 1
Stop Stop

1 Apple macOS only.

Using the Height Adjustment Mechanism.

The height adjustment mechanism is located on the bottom of the keyboard, allowing you to adjust the height at the rear of the keyboard to suit your preference. There are three different height settings:

  1. Low (default)
  2. Medium
  3. High

Select the same height setting on the Left and Right sides of the keyboard, ensuring the feet click correctly into position.

Keyboard Layouts & Settings

Microsoft Windows

To use the HHKB in Windows, go to ‘Regional Settings’, ‘Keyboards & Languages’ tab, click the ‘Change Keyboards’ button and ensure you have the following keyboard installed:

English (United Kingdom): ‘Keyboard – United Kingdom’
French (France): ‘Keyboard – French’
German (Germany): ‘Keyboard – German’
Italian (Italy):  ‘Keyboard – Italian’
Spanish (Spain): ‘Keyboard – Spain’

You can use the ‘Add’ button to add the required Keyboard if it is not already installed in Windows.

Japanese Keyboard Settings

If you use the HHKB with the Japanese keyboard setting, you cannot input symbols such as brackets and @ in accordance with the symbols on the keys.

When you connect the keyboard to a laptop computer with a Japanese keyboard and change the keyboard layout setting to the English keyboard, you cannot input symbols in accordance with the symbols on the keys of the laptop computer. This is caused by a feature of the operating system.

Apple macOS

After the dedicated driver for macOS is installed, the [Alt] key works as the [Option] key and the [0] key works as the [Command] key.

To use multimedia keys, press the [Fn] key and one of the following keys at the same time.

Available on macOS only.

English Keyboard Layout

French Keyboard Layout

German Keyboard Layout

Italian Keyboard Layout

Spanish Keyboard Layout

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows

Windows® 10 64-Bit
Windows® 10 32-Bit
Windows® 8.1 64-Bit
Windows® 8.1 32-Bit
Windows® 8 64-Bit
Windows® 8 32-Bit
Windows® 7 64-Bit
Windows® 7 32-Bit
Windows® Server 2016
Windows® Server 2012
Windows® Server 2008
Windows® Server 2003

Apple macOS

macOS Mojave (10.14)
macOS High Sierra (10.13)
macOS Sierra (10.12)
OSX El Capitan (10.11)
OSX Yosemite (10.10)
OSX Mavericks (10.9)
OSX Mountain Lion (10.8)
OSX Lion (10.7)
OSX Snow Leopard (10.6)
OSX Leopard (10.5)

Using HHKB on Other Systems

The HHKB Pro2 may work on many other Operating Systems although PFU cannot guarantee the keyboard is operable with any Operating Systems except those listed above.


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