Launch of HHKB Studio


PFU (EMEA) Limited Unveils the Innovative HHKB Studio


The All-In-One Design, Intuitive Controls, and Customisable Preferences Provide a New, Immersive HHKB Experience and Feature Pointing Stick, Mouse Button, Silent Linear Switches, and Gesture Pad Functionality


London, April 25th, 2024 - PFU (EMEA) Limited, today announced the launch of HHKB Studio —a reimagined, all-in-one keyboard to let users complete any task comfortably and efficiently. Featuring cutting-edge, innovative Gesture Pads, a pointing stick with accompanying mouse buttons, and customisable key layouts, HHKB Studio, designed in cooperation with Huge Design LLC, is a first-of-its-kind keyboard designed for an immersive typing experience, regardless of profession, task, or location.

“In this age of rapidly diversifying work styles, computing environments, mobile devices and applications, our keyboards must also be versatile without compromising comfort,” said Hiroaki Kashiwagi, President, and CEO, PFU EMEA Limited. “The new HHKB Studio maintains the HHKB brand’s legacy of maximising input efficiency via a brand new, all-in-one input device, while continuing to provide a superior typing experience for loyal keyboard enthusiasts and our community of professionals, creators, and developers.”

Making its public debut in 1996, the HHKB series design embraces a unique 60% HHKB key layout that prioritises simplicity and efficiency. The HHKB Studio offers the next evolution in original minimalist design, while integrating key technological advances based upon customer feedback. Key features include:

Gesture pad functionality: HHKB Studio features four gesture pads—two on the left and right sides and two on the left and right front of the device—enabling users to unlock a wide variety of capabilities with an easy slide of their finger. This includes operations such as switching between windows or desktops, scrolling, and adjusting analogue amounts like volume. Additionally, the gesture pads can be remapped to handle complex commands that allow for more efficient work in areas such as photo and video editing.

Pointing stick and mouse button: Featuring a pointing stick in the centre of the keyboard, and mouse buttons below the space key, HHKB Studio allows for cursor operation right from the home position—eliminating the need for a touchpad or mouse while promoting a fully immersive and comfortable typing experience from anywhere.

Silent linear switch: Built with the philosophy of creating an experience that optimises efficiency and focus, HHKB Studio introduces brand new, one-of-a-kind 45g linear switches with ultimate smoothness and minimal typing distraction. At the same time, this keyboard is hot-swappable, allowing maximum customizability for user’s key switch preference—compatible with regular profile MX-style 3- and 5- pin mechanical switches—so that each user can have their optimal typing experience.

Customisable key layout for one-of-a-kind keyboard: With HHKB Studio, users can build a one-of-a-kind keyboard to reflect work, hobbies, preferences, and usability. In addition to the existing HHKB keymap modification functionality, the new HHKB Studio keymap modification tool allows users to customise Gesture Pad settings. Additionally, users can create up to four key map “profiles,” with different key maps for each profile based on the application that is being used. These four profiles can be changed instantly by a simple key operation, and are stored in the HHKB Studio itself, allowing users to access their specific, customised key maps regardless of the connected PC or smart device.

Compatible with iOS, macOS®, Windows®, Android™, and Linux® operating systems, HHKB Studio seamlessly connects to up to four devices via Bluetooth and can also connect via USB-C. Since its launch, HHKB has provided a distinctive and highly efficient typing experience for users who appreciate high-performance keyboard functionality in a small, compact form factor, and, as of May 2023, has sold over 670,000 units worldwide.

HHKB Studio is available now on the Happy Hacking Keyboard website and can also be purchased on Amazon.


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