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Warranty Terms & Conditions

Warranty Summary
Warranty Duration 2 Years from date of purchase (Proof of purchase may be required)
Warranty Type Advance Exchange within 1-2 days
Warranty Description A replacement product is delivered within 1-2 business days and becomes the property of the customer. The defective is collected at the same time or separately and becomes the property of PFU.
  1. General
    PFU Happy Hacking Keyboard is designed, manufactured, marketed and supported by PFU Limited and its subsidiaries. PFU warrants that the product is manufactured from high quality parts that conform to PFU specifications. They are free from material defects and perform in accordance with their specifications. PFU cannot and does not warrant error free or uninterrupted operation of the product.
  2. Warranty Period and Validity.
    Warranty service is valid from the date of the original purchase of the product by the end user for a period of 2 years. Any replacement of the product under warranty will not extend the original warranty period. Alteration, defacing or removal of the product’s original factory label containing the product’s unique serial number will invalidate the warranty.
  3. Proof of Purchase & Registration.
    PFU reserves the right not to provide the warranty unless proof of purchase can be provided. The sales receipt or invoice showing the date of purchase, serial number, and product number. PFU provides an online warranty registration service to enable users to register their product(s). If the product is not registered, proof of purchase in the form of the sales receipt or invoice showing the date of purchase, serial number and product number must be produced to request service under the terms of this warranty.
    Please Register your product and obtain your certificate of warranty.
  4. Scope of Warranty Service.
    Provided that a certificate of warranty has been issued pursuant to an online warranty registration, or satisfactory proof of purchase has been provided, warranty service and technical support will be provided free of charge, as set out in the table below, during the warranty period by PFU and/or PFU approved agents.
    You can contact support using our Online Form. 

    If the warranty period has expired on the product, or a valid certificate of warranty or satisfactory proof of purchase, showing the purchase is within the warranty period cannot be provided, then no warranty is available.

  5. Warranty Service Description.
    Advance Exchange Service – The warranty includes product replacement and two-way shipping costs. A replacement keyboard will be delivered within 1-2 days to the customer’s premises and become the property of the customer. Collection of the customer’s defective product must occur at the same time or 2-7 days after the delivery of the replacement keyboard unless otherwise agreed in writing with PFU.Advance Exchange Service will be provided between 9 am and 5 pm local time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). This warranty does not include on-site troubleshooting of a pc or a pc configuration.

    All defective products that are replaced under the terms of this warranty become the property of PFU.

  6. Warranty Service Exclusions.
  • Warranty services are excluded for issues for which PFU is not responsible including but not limited to;
  • Missing Keys or USB cables.
  • Software configuration, software set-up.
  • Neglect, misuse, abuse, vandalism.
  • Damage caused by attempted repair by any person not approved by PFU to make such repairs.
  • Any other damage, whether accidental or deliberate and any causes other than normal use.PFU reserves the right to retrospectively apply charges for replacements for issues that are excluded.
  1. Getting Help and Contacting Support.
    In the event of a technical issue:
  • Please view the FAQs for answers to common questions.
  • You can contact support using our Online Form.
  • If you contact support, you will receive a ticket number by email and a response to your enquiry.
  • Our aim is to respond to enquiries within 30-60 minutes. (during business hours).
  • The Customer must provide Support with contact details along with the product model number, part number, serial number and a description of the problem.
  • The Customer may be asked to run some simple, self-diagnostic tests and report the resulting status, error code messages and/or images.
  • Support will offer suggestions to help you resolve your issue.
  • If Support suspects a hardware problem and the product is identified as being under warranty, an exchange of the product will be initiated.
  1. Geographic Cover.
    This Warranty is applicable to products sold by PFU in UK, France and Germany. PFU will endeavour to affect a replacement within 1-2 days but does not guarantee to do so. Geographic limitations may apply to service levels in some regions.
  1. Limitation of Liability.
    Except in the case of death or personal injury caused by PFU’s negligence, PFU’s liability for damages of any kind will be limited to the price paid for the product(s), or its replacement. In no event will PFU be liable for any loss, damage, costs or expenses of any nature whatsoever of any indirect or consequential nature nor for any economic loss or other loss of turnover, profits, business or goodwill. PFU will not be liable for any breach of its obligations under this Warranty as a result of circumstances beyond the reasonable control of PFU, including, but without limitation, fire, flood, terrorism, sabotage, civil insurrection, war, industrial action or disruption to or failure of the internet.
  1. Your Statutory Rights.
    This warranty is offered in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer and it does not replace them.  Your rights are set out in various consumer protection legislation, but which are summarised in the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  These include the right that you as a consumer have to a cooling off period, your cancellation rights which exist within fourteen days of the contract to purchase the keyboard, your right to have a replacement or repairs undertaken to the product, your right to have delivery within 30 days and the right to reject the goods on delivery that are damaged or do not meet the description of the goods in the sales contract.  The goods of themselves have to be of satisfactory quality and PFU confirm that they have unfettered title to the product that you are purchasing.  This summary is not meant to be a complete comprehensive list of your statutory rights as a consumer, and if you are in any doubt you should check your entitlement under the Consumer Rights Act and other relevant legislation and/or seek help in respect of your rights from a consumer protection organisation or legal advice can often be provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau.
  1. Protection of your Personally Identifying Information (PII).
    PFU will not disclose your personally identifying information to any third parties other than those who are directly contracted to provide Services to PFU relating to or in connection with this Warranty. PFU collects, stores and processes all personal information in compliance with its Privacy Policy.
    PFU is ISO27001 certified.
  2. Warranty Revision.
    PFU reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of this warranty.
  3. Warranty Provider’s Registered Office.
    PFU (EMEA) Ltd
    Hayes Park Central
    Hayes End Road
    UB4 8FE
    United Kingdom

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