If you call us to open a support ticket, we will be able to offer support in multiple languages. Please see the telephone numbers below for the languages we can offer. During the call, we will need to collect some of your personal data including your Name, Email Address, Telephone Number, Location of product and Country, so that we can answer your enquiry and assist you through to resolution.

Country Telephone Number Language(s) Opening Hours
(Local Time)
Austria 08000 17824 German 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Bahrain +44 800 0830834 Arabic / English 10h-18h, Sun-Thu
Belgium 080049866 Dutch / French 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Bulgaria +44 800 0830834 Bulgarian 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Croatia 08003403 Croatian 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Czech Republic +44 800 0830834 Czech 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Denmark 080711694 Swedish / English 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Estonia +44 800 0830834 English 10h-18h, Mon-Fri
Finland +44 800 0830834 Swedish / English 10h-19h, Mon-Fri
France 0805543388 French 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Germany 08000010377 German 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Greece 00800123504 Greek 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Hungary 0680021592 Hungarian 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Italy 0236004996 Italian 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Kuwait +44 800 0830834 Arabic / English 10h-18h, Sun-Thu
Latvia +44 800 0830834 English 10h-18h, Mon-Fri
Lithuania 0800 00032 English 10h-18h, Mon-Fri
Luxembourg +44 800 0830834 French 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Netherlands 08003434306 Dutch 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Norway +44 800 0830834 Swedish / English 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Oman +44 800 0830834 Arabic / English 11h-19h, Sun-Thu
Poland 008001218811 Polish 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Portugal +44 800 0830834 Portuguese 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Qatar +44 800 0830834 Arabic / English 10h-18h, Sun-Thu
Republic of Ireland 1800936299 English 8h-17h, Mon-Fri
Romania 800890424 Romanian 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Saudi Arabia +44 800 0830834 Arabic / English 10h-18h, Sun-Thu
Serbia +44 800 0830834 Serbian 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Slovakia 800002636 Slovak 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Slovenia +44 800 0830834 Slovenian 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
South Africa +44 800 0830834 English 9h-17h, Mon-Fr
Spain 0900423885 Spanish 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Sweden 0200880032 Swedish 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
Switzerland +44 800 0830834 German / French / Italian 9h-17h, Mon-Fri
United Arab Emirates +44 800 0830834 Arabic / English 11h-19h, Sun-Thu
United Kingdom 0800 0830834 English 8h-17h, Mon-Fri

Privacy Statement

PFU (EMEA) LIMITED “The Data Controller” takes the protection of your privacy very seriously. We will only use your personal Information for the explicit specific purpose for which it was given and not share it with anyone else who is not acting on behalf of us without your permission.  Your personal information may be shared with our partners and agents “The Data Processors” for customer administration, sales, marketing and research for products and services provided by PFU (EMEA) LIMITED. Your data will be protected both physically and electronically in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation and only retained for as long as necessary.

For more details on how we process your personal information please view our Privacy Policy.