Limited Edition Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HYBRID Type-S Snow

Limited Edition HHKB Hybrid Type-S Snow

To celebrate HHKB’s 25th anniversary and acknowledge the support of our users throughout the years, we are launching a limited-edition ‘Snow’ model of the HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S.
The exclusive Snow model is a white version of the standard Type-S and includes a limited edition HHKB25 ‘Fn’ key, making it a unique piece of HHKB history.
There are only 250 models available for purchase so visit PFUEMEA.com to get your hands on one before they sell out.*
Limited Edition HHKB HYBRID Type S Snow

Minimalist, Tenkeyless, Near-Symmetrical Layout

The compact size and near-symmetrical layout means your fingers never have to leave the home row making for greater speed, accuracy and reduced wrist and finger fatigue.

Topre Silent Key Switches

Comprising a conical spring, rubber dome, electrostatic capacitive sensor and silent membrane, Topre silent key switches eliminate key chatter, whilst providing supreme tactility, extra comfort, keystroke precision and a quieter HHKB experience.

Premium PBT Keycaps and Spacebar

Sculpted keycaps and spacebar made from durable, shine-resistant PBT with dye-sublimation printed legends for long-life and a crisp, professional finish.

Cylindrical Step Sculpted Design

The cylindrical-step sculpted design provides greater ergonomics, with all keycap surfaces facing centrally, feels more natural and helps you keep your fingers on the home row.

Hybrid Connectivity

Connect to your PC or hybrid device via USB (Type-C), or connect to your PC, Tablet, Smartphone (up to 4 paired devices) via bluetooth multi-pairing, instantly switching between devices with keyboard shortcuts.

Dip-Switch Customisation

Dip-Switches enable you to change keyboard mode to support different Operating Systems.

UNIX Arrangement

We adopted the key arrangement following the Sun Type 3 key array. The [Control] key is to the left of [A] for greater usability and maximum productivity.

Keymap Customisation

Keymap settings are written and saved to the HHKB itself so the same keymap can be used with different devices.

Made & Designed In Japan

Commitment to quality, durability, and technological sophistication.

HHKB Type S Snow angled - limited edition

HHKB Hybrid Type-S Snow

Available In

Pure White

Pure White
Printed Keycaps


Model HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S Snow (Pure White/Printed Keycaps)
Model Number PD-KB800YS
Chassis Format Ultra-Compact Tenkeyless keyboard
Layout Near-Symmetrical 60-Key Modified US ANSI Layout
Chassis Colour Pure White (PD-KB800YS)
Keycap Colour Pure White (PD-KB800YS)
Keycap Legends Long-Life Dye-Sublimation Printed
Special Edition KeyCap Limited edition "Fn" 25th Anniversary keycap
Keycap & Spacebar Material Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
Key Weight 45 g
Key Travel 3.8 mm
Key Pitch 19.05 mm
Key Switches Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Silent Key Switches
Key Switch Structure Rubber Dome, Conical Spring, Silent Membrane
Key Switch Lifetime 50 million keystrokes
Chassis & Key Ergonomics Cylindrical Step Sculpted design
Keymap Customisation Software *1 Settings written to / stored on the HHKB
Bluetooth Interface *2 Bluetooth 4.2LE (Class 2) Multi-pairing – Up to 4 devices
Bluetooth Radio Operating Range 10 metres
Power 2 x AA Batteries
Operating Time Approx 3 months *3
USB Interface USB Type-C
Adjustable Keyboard Height 3 Positions
Keyboard Dimensions (W x D x H) 294 mm x 120 mm x 40 mm
Dipswitch Customisation Keyboard Mode Selection
Lite Ext Mode
Mac Mode
Key Assignment & Wake Up Host Function
Delete Key assignment
Meta Key assignment (Windows Key / Command Key)
Alt Key assignment
Wake up host PC
Keyboard Weight 540 g (Excluding Batteries)
Operating Temperature Range 5°C – 35°C (41°F – 95°F)
Operating Humidity Range 20% – 80% (non-condensing)
Country of Origin Made in Japan
Designed in Japan
Commitment to quality, durability, and technological sophistication
Accessories in box 1 x Tool to remove key caps
1 x Regular "Fn" keycap*
*Can be switched with 25th anniversary keycap
Instruction in the box
Advance Exchange Next Business Day *5
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Year PFU Warranty *4
Includes replacement of product and two-way shipping costs
Outer Box Colour White

System Requirements *6


Windows® 10 (32-bit / 64-bit)
Windows® 8.1 (32-bit / 64-bit)
Windows® 7 (32-bit / 64-bit)
Windows® Server 2016
Windows® Server 2012
Windows® Server 2008


macOS® Catalina 10.15
macOS® Mojave 10.14
macOS® High Sierra 10.13
macOS® Sierra 10.12
iOS® 11.4 or higher
iPadOS® 13.0 or higher


Android 4.4™ KitKat or higher



*1 Keymap customisation software requires a USB connection to a PC running Windows® or macOS®.

*2 Bluetooth connection requires Windows® 10 or Windows® 8.1, macOS® Catalina 10.15 or macOS® Mojave 10.14, iPadOS® 13.0 or higher, iOS® 11.4 or higher, Android™ 4.4 KitKat or higher.

*3 When using Alkaline batteries, different battery types may provide different results.

*4 Valid for 2 years from the original purchase date of the product from the PFU EMEA Store.

*5 Next Business Day available in some countries, geographic limitations may apply. Where Next Business Day is not available, exchanges typically take place within 1-2 days.

*6 HHKB HYBRID Type-S may work with other Operating Systems including many Linux distributions, although PFU cannot guarantee the keyboard is operable with any Operating Systems except those listed above.


All Specifications are correct at time of publishing but may be subject to future revision due to changes in support policy by PFU and Topre.